Since 1965, Netafim has gained vast experience across the globe, joining hands with generations of growers to deliver efficient and innovative solutions, turning local crops, soils and water into nourishing food, animal feed and quality cloth. Netafim’s expert teams know a great deal about their field, however, this is just a portion of the picture we aim to achieve. Netafim University is committed to sharing its in-depth crop expertise and skills with a large scope of knowledge seekers worldwide. To achieve this goal, we have carefully selected leading agronomists to serve as our Crop Knowledge Leaders headed by our Agro-knowledge Manager. Their on-going mission is to collect crop-based knowledge within the Netafim network and make it accessible and beneficial for you.

Netafim University offers valuable information regarding crop introduction, in either video or presentation formats. To increase the accessibility of scientific papers that highlight drip irrigation practices, short article summaries have been selected by our experts for your convenience. A sample of success stories clarify the economical bottom line of drip irrigation while best management practices describe effective techniques and improved methods of drip irrigation practices within this dynamic industry. Finally, marketing materials and crop-based training can further assist you, offering a more practical approach. For more information, feel free to view the FAQ pages, related links or simply contact us at Netafim University.



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