On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency - Corn


Location: Ardmona, VIC
Sdi area: 130 Ha
Crop: Corn
Average yield: 17 Tonne/Ha
Water usage: 5 Ml/Ha


Ardmona cropping farmer Fraser Pogue installed 130 Ha of Netafim sub surface drip irrigation in October 2012 as part of the Federal government’s On Farm irrigation Efficiency Program.

The farm was previously irrigated with flood irrigation, and by returning permanent water right to the government, Fraser was able to fund the sub surface drip development.

Fraser grows predominately corn, but has also grown faba beans in the winter.


His yields have been impressive since converting to sub surface drip. In 2014-2015, he achieved 17 tonnes of grain per hectare in some areas, and an average of 16 tonnes across the drip irrigated area. This compares to the 12 tonnes per hectare he grew on a neighbouring farm still irrigated with flood.


Fraser’s water use was significantly reduced also on the drip irrigated system. He used approximately 5 ML per hectare, less than the 7 ML used on the flood irrigated farm. He was also able to apply liquid nitrogen fertiliser via fertigation, a more efficient way of delivering nutrients to the root zone.


Fraser is very keen on improving his soils. The retention of stubble and growing of cover crops has increased the organic matter in the soil. This has added the lateral movement in water through the soil, and works in well with the drip irrigation.


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