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Commercial Dripperlines

Netafim sub surface drip irrigation systems offer a comprehensive range of efficient solutions for your commercial turf and garden bed areas. These systems apply the water at lower application rates directly to the grass roots or sub mulch for garden beds ensuring every drop of water goes where it was intended.


Conventional sprinkler systems are often wasteful as they throw the water in the air and hope the natural elements will allow this irrigation water to not only land in the right place but also to findits way to the roots. These systems can cause staining, overspray, fungal disease, pooling and most of all inefficiency - all of which converting to a drip system will overcome.


Netafim drip irrigation will maintain healthy, lush and rapid growth for all applications, including:

  • Playing fields
  • Public open spaces
  • Schools
  • Resorts/hotels
  • Median strips
  • Roundabouts
  • Commercial buildings
  • General garden beds


Futher Advantages

  • Eliminate vandalism - the system is out of sight
  • Allows larger irrigation windows
  • Ability to apply fertilisers in a soluble form delivered right to the plant root zone
  • Water savings
  • Fertiliser reductions
  • Reduced labour requirement
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs


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