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Agronomic Support

Smart & specific support goes a long way.

Netafim’s ongoing agronomic support is one of the key factors for long-term success.
Following project implementation, our team of agronomists offers continuous professional guidance at all levels: from management through on-site farmers and up to the last field staffer. Delivering in-depth and practical know-how, we are able to ensure that soil and water analyses are conducted correctly and that the right fertigation processes are maintained. The result is better resource management and improved crop results in the long run.

Netafim’s field-present agronomic teams are responsible for creating the agronomic protocol for crop management as well as the implementation of BMP (Best Management Practices) which serve as a set of practical ground rules. These continue to prove significantly effective in obtaining higher yields while considerably reducing industry-related risks.

We believe in partnerships and shared learning. Teaming up with local counterparts lets us share our knowledge and experience while, in return, we gain valuable local insights. Each country, climate and crop demands and deserves specific solutions that will lead to optimal results. Working alongside on site, we are always seeking to define and deliver the right type of support for our diverse customer base, wherever across the globe they may be.


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